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Art and Artists Piacentini

A Review of the women and men who through their talents have brought to the world the name of Piacenza and its territories.
Artists of painting and sculpture, literature and fashion, whose names appear in the books of history and culture, whose works are shown in the most important books in museums.
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  • The new guide of Grass 2014
    the Brotherhood of Grass, Piacenza, 2013
    No doubt about it. Among foodies and good connoisseurs we understand. And then their utility ciceroni meilleure table of the best place to ...
  • Monuments Farnese by Francesco Mochi
    di Eugenio Gazzola, Piacenza, Fondazione di Piacenza e Vigevano, 2013
    They are there to look for centuries, Ranuccio and Alessandro. Watch the beautiful square with their imposing size. And tell us about a Piacenza old ...
  • Raffaello. La Madonna Sistina
    di Marco Carminati, Antonella Gigli e Stefano Zuffi, Torino, Allemandi, 2013
    Sponsored by Bank of Piacenza, the book traces the story of the famous painting commissioned to Raphael by Pope Julius II in 1512 ...
  • Alla scoperta delle terre e dei tesori piacentini
    di Carla Scotti, Bologna, I.ter, 2013
    Rocks, soils, plants, legal, crops, monuments, museums, castles, recipes: elements that tell us of the richness of our land and effort ...
  • La piacevol provincia. Piacenza e la formazione dell'identità
    di Fabrizio Achilli edito da Scritture, 2014
    The purpose of redemption Political and economic revitalization through new course Italian and European part of a province with ambitions ..
  • Pecorara nella bufera della Resistenza
    di Filippo Arcelloni edito da Pontegobbo, 2013
    The present work is the relationship-witness Don Filippo Arcelloni, pastor of Pecorara between 1937 and 1949. It traces the set of events ...
  • Augusta Placentia
    di Massimo Solari edito da LIR, 2012
    Piacenza was an important Roman city, the center of events known or not known. In this rigorous, passionate and amused reconstruction ...
  • La guerra di Cat
    di Giulio Cattivelli edito da Pontegobbo, 2012
    Fascism, war, the Liberation in Piacenza are investigated by the great Cat with clarity and without emphasis: "Grace Under Pressure" he said Hemingway ...
  • L'annessione di Piacenza al Piemonte
    di Daniele Bua edito da Simple, 2011
    According to the official version of the Risorgimento was glorious company, a process that took part in the mass of the Italian ...
  • Pacifico Sidoli
    belonged to a family of artists
    acquired a reputation through the stretch and loose end that he used in his work, he studied at Gazzola of Piacenza and Pollinari Bernardino was his teacher ...
  • Francesco Ghittoni
    work his internalized and tormented
    Francesco Ghittoni expresses with his figurative painting and intense existential torment of a man who always had a troubled life ...
  • Painters Piacenza: Osvaldo Bot
    Futurism, Cubism, Surrealism and beyond
    Osvaldo Barbieri, called the Terrible, hence Bot, is definitely artist quirky and whimsical ...
  • Painters Piacenza: Luciano Spazzali
    among his teachers Morandi and Rossi
    Surely among the greatest artists of the '900, shares a stage experimental fantastic themes with Foppiani, Cinello and Armodio ...
  • Painters Piacenza: Luciano Ricchetti
    modern figurative, solid, bright
    supported the movement novecentista reacting, in the years 1930- 40, last decandentismo painting of the nineteenth ...
  • Painters Piacenza: Lodovico Mosconi
    attended the large Chaumière Paris
    Youth attended the study by Luciano Ricchetti and in 1982 the City of Milan organizes a retrospective at the Castle Sforzesco ...
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