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Routes in Val d'Arda

Bordering borders with Parma Apennines and traveled by river Arda, Val d'Arda is the valley of the province of Piacenza. Val d'Arda converge minor valleys of Riglio, Vezzeno, the Chero, Chiavenna, dell'Ongina and part Stirone.
The river Arda was born in about 1300 m altitude, from north-western slopes of Mount Lama, in the municipality of Morfasso.
Its waters flow for a good stretch to reach, after about 15 km, to an artificial barrier represented by the dam known as Lake Mignano, a body of water of about 2 square kilometers, at an altitude of 341 m, from dual function of reservoir water and basin hydroelectric purposes. The river Arda then bathes the territory of Lugagnano Val d'Arda and Castell'Arquato, to go down to the plains where it crosses the city of Fiorenzuola d'Arda and Cortemaggiore.
The other towns in the Val d'Arda are Alseno, Polesine, San Pietro in Cerro, Vernasca, Villanova sull'Arda.
  • Vigoleno
    visit to the castle of Vigoleno
    one of the most picturesque walled town of Piacenza, which stands on the border of the Parma area. Welcomes a castle among the most beautiful of across the province, built in 1400 as a defensive f...
  • Visit Piacentino: Castell'Arquato
    enchanting landscape Medieval
    beautiful village, today frequented and popular tourist destination with the historic center that rises to the top left of the Arda river, retaining ...
  • Routes in Piacentino: Castell'Arquato
    also called land of towers
    among the most famous and most visited tourist area of the province of Piacenza, was called the Assisi of Emilia for its ...
  • Castell'Arquato: la Rocca Viscontea
    built in 1342
    among the most important historic buildings in the territory of Piacenza, in the square of Castell, in Val d'Arda, tourist destination level ..
  • Visit Piacentino: Fiorenzuola d'Arda
    beautiful the Collegiate Church of San Fiorenzo
    It is located along the historic Via Emilia, also sung in many songs, and the crosses in all its extension, running down houses and buildings ...
  • History Piacenza: Fiorenzuola d'Arda
    it is mentioned in a deed dated March 31, 744
    Piacenza was the first city to promote the emergence of a "mutual aid societies among the workers" in order to promote assistance ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Alseno
    with the Cistercense Abbey of Chiaravalle of the Colomba
    has military origins as strategically located on the border between Parma and Piacenza has a castle founded in the late twelfth century by Siclero Landi and Savino Vicedomino ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Besenzone
    founded by Marquis Pallavicini Cortemaggiore
    its territory extends between the two banks and dell'Arda dell'Ongina and presents the villages of Castel d'Arda, Mercore and Bersano that ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Cortemaggiore
    the city pallavicina for excellence
    Cortemaggiore is art, history, culture, immersed in the tradition of hospitality that makes a Bassa unique territory, which opens ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Villanova d'Arda
    houses the residence and museum of Giuseppe Verdi
    renowned for its rich land of cherry and apple trees that grow on either side of the river, wheat fields and poplar; has the resource ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Lugagnano Val d'Arda
    grows at an altitude of 229 meters.
    extends on the northern Apennines Piacentino, Chero from the coast between Chiavenna and Val d'Arda, descending from the ...
  • History Piacenza: Lugagnano Val d'Arda
    with acts from the year 884
    Lugagnano binds its medieval events in Castell'Arquato and Valvassori and valvassini feudal rulers of the Guelphs and Ghibellines ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Vernasca
    holiday resort in Alta Val d'Arda
    extends to the northeast-southwest, reaching the border with the province of Parma and is made up of three parallel valleys ...
  • Visit Piacentino: Morfasso
    Provincial Park, Rocca dei Casali, San Michele ...
    interesting excursions in the surrounding area, including the Provincial Park, the summit of Mount Signs of 1070 meters, the Rocca dei Casali ...
  • More on Morfasso ...
    an area that recounts centuries of rural life
    an area that recounts centuries of rural life, keeping many traces, like the houses of stone; Recently researchers and archaeologists ...
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